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3 Skills That Will Bring You Back From Wilderness Safely Even If You Get Into Big Trouble
3 Secret Skills That Will Bring You Back From Wilderness Safely Even If You Get Into Trouble

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Hi There!

I am super excited that Jessie Krebs will join us in a live online Webinar!

Jessie will share three skills/concepts that will greatly enhance your chances of survival if you get into deep trouble in the wilderness...and the knowledge will surprise you!

Even if you have zero experience and knowledge to start with!

You see, Jessie used to teach our military airmen how to return home safely in ALL terrains and ALL situations.

She now teaches to civilians, in particular to women, how acquiring a few key simple skills and the right mindset can change EVERYTHING if you get into trouble.

Jessie thinks that everyone should enjoy the wilderness without fear.

She is known as one of the world's best survivalists, and she is also an AMAZING teacher.

Jessie will be live with us to teach these three most important survival skills online, on November 15th, 8PM Eastern time.

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Jeff - The Atomic Bear

Jessie Krebs in a Nutshell

US Air Force S.E.R.E.

Jessie Krebs is a former U.S. Air Force SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape.) training Instructor. As one of a handful of women in the male dominated S.E.R.E. career field, Jessie out-toughed many of her male counterparts in the Air Force to make it through the intense S.E.R.E. training program (class 91-02) and earn her right to a coveted position as an Air Force SERE Specialist.

National Geographic - Mygrations

Jessie made her first appearance in a reality TV show with Mygrations. She was part of the first ever group of people to cross the Serengeti in Africa. Their mission: walk 200 miles through the deadly Serengeti alongside 1.3 million migrating wildebeest and 4000 lions. Out of the 20 participants, Jessie was part of the 12 who finished. 

History Channel - Alone Season 9

Jessie was selected to be part of the show Alone Season 9. Her mission: survive as long as you can starting with ONLY 10 survival items... alone. Location: Labrador late during Fall, one of the coldest place on Earth. We won't spoil the show for ya, you'll just have to watch to see who wins!

Masterclass - Wilderness Survival

Jessie was approached by one of the most exclusive online education platforms to teach a course on wilderness survival. Her class figures among other celebs' classes such as Gordon Ramsay, Christina Aguilira, Bill Clinton, Chris Voss, Natalie Portman, Martin Scorcese, billionaire Richard Branson, Neil De Grass Tyson, and many more.

Want to Learn Jessie's 3 Secret Skills to Survive a Downturn in The Wilderness?

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